The Karambit design is an extremely effective design when used for personal defense. The curved blade will slice right through clothing and flesh with very little effort. It is not designed to stab and will not reach vital organs, but it will inflict enough damage on any threat allowing you to pop smoke and get the hell off the X.

Although there are practitioners who have spent years honing the art of the karambit blade, you don’t have to be an edged weapons expert to employ this blade in time of need. The shere fact that when you deploy the blade, it’s in the reverse grip, allowing you to use as if you were throwing punches in a street fight. Boxing is as basic as you can get when it comes to fighting. There are no complicated or fancy movements as seen in other martial arts. The fact that you can throw punches while having a karambit clenched in your fist is a force multiplier in any street fight.

Fox Knives of Italy makes a folding karambit that incorporates the Emerson Wave opening feature. With the wave opening feature you are able to have the blade deploy as you pull the knife from your pocket allowing you to strike fast with violence of action.

The Fox Knives Karambit deploys faster than most automatics and with a blade length of 3″, you’re going to be able to be legal in most jurisdictions. If you don’t want the ring of the karambit showing at the top of your pocket, then simply drop the knife inside your pocket. As you reach into your pocket and pull the knife out it will still catch the wave feature and deploy as it normally would. That gives you the capability of having a 3″ folding knife totally concealed.

SOFREP writer Kurt T. carries the Fox Knives Karambit when he is contracting overseas.


SOFREP Editor-In-Chief and Journalist Jack Murphy also carries the Fox Knives Karambit as his EDC blade. He carries the Fox Knives Karambit when he travels to Iraq for reporting trips. Towards the end of the video he shows the karambit he personally carries.

*Featured image courtesy of Fox Cutlery