The story is sketchy and the details are entirely dependent on whom you choose to believe, but at some point in 2006, Jesse Ventura and “American Sniper” Chris Kyle got into a furniture-busting brawl at a Navy SEAL bar in California.

Tables were thrown. Someone ended up on the floor, possibly with a black eye. The fight lasted just a few moments, but the battle over what happened won’t go away. A $1.8 million defamation lawsuit that was won by Ventura then overturned hasn’t squashed it. Neither has Kyle’s death.

Kyle is the author of the book “American Sniper” who is credited with more than 160 confirmed kills during four tours in Iraq. He was killed in 2013 while helping a fellow veteran who suffered from mental illness and PTSD. Ventura, a Vietnam-era veteran, has used his celebrity as a former pro wrestler and former governor to promote marijuana legalization.

Their widely reported bar fight, and the accusations, recriminations and lawsuit that followed, got a new blast when self-described Fox News “political humorist” Jesse Watters (of racist Chinatown infamy) conducted an impromptu Jesse-on-Jesse interview at an event where Ventura was speaking.

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