This article previously published on SOFREP 08.15.2016

“Shots fired, active shooter! Everyone run for safety, run!” The officers called out last night as I deplaned Lufthansa flight 0404 from Frankfurt, Germany. I was waiting for my luggage, having just cleared customs and thought to myself, “WTF did I just step into?”

I took cover behind a concrete pillar beside a female officer with her gun trained forward, she had an expected anxious look on her face. I surveyed the scene. “Were shots fired?” I thought to myself, it was so noisy it was tough to hear much but as I ran for cover it felt like getting shot at in Iraq or Afghanistan, probably in my head more than anything. Very hectic.

I looked across the passport control area to see a mother running for her life with a baby in her arms, and two older people filming the whole scene of pandemonium with their smart phones, it was crazy.