One of the latest additions to the arsenal of the Russian military is the Izdeliye-53 ‘Lancet’ kamikaze drone, equipped with an automatic targeting system. This advanced drone has the potential to change the dynamics of conflicts by increasing strike success rates and providing a cost-effective means to target critical assets.

In this article, we will delve into the details of the Lancet’s latest variation and its impact on the ongoing war in Ukraine.

The Emergence of Izdeliye-53

Russian forces have been using the Izdeliye-53, also referred to as “Product 53,” kamikaze drone on a limited scale since around October 21, according to assessments from the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

These new iterations of kamikaze drones come with a revolutionary feature—an automatic guidance system capable of distinguishing different types of targets. This cutting-edge technology significantly enhances the chances of a successful strike.

Automatic Targeting System

The automatic targeting system embedded in the Izdeliye-53 marks a significant leap in the development of kamikaze drones as this system can differentiate between various types of targets, providing a level of precision previously unmatched in this category of weaponry.

By identifying and selecting the most suitable target, the Izdeliye-53 maximizes its strike success rates.

Mass Synchronized Swarm Attacks

One of the key purposes of deploying the Izdeliye-53 drones is to test them for mass synchronized swarm attacks.