Ugh, I know, this guy is talking about workouts again? But after being totally engrossed in the beret flap with Special Forces, it is good to get back to what we’re all for in the first place …right? So for those of you who are aspiring members of the Special Operations community,  you have to be in the best shape of your lives because you’ll be tested like you’ve never been before.

And you have a tremendous advantage over us old guys, (FOGs) who didn’t have the internet at their fingertips and be able to tap into the benefit of so much great information that is out there these days. Now you can find some great trainers in the military or sports world out there and show you what works for them thru the benefit of their experience.

Having worked for a time at Selection, we’d see the guys who were very well prepared and we’d see guys who were woefully unprepared. Nowadays there isn’t any excuse not to be in the very best shape of your life. Even still, the course will put a hurt on you…that is what it was designed for.

When tasked with the writing for the Selection physical training preparation and the articles to help the prospective candidates get ready for the present day courses here at the side of I delved deep into the internet and wanted to tap into the information that is out there, to give you the best shot at passing the courses.