You’re in for a stressful trip if you don’t know any travel hacks. And in the time you should be relaxing and forgetting about life’s problems, the last thing you want is avoidable aggravations. 

You will go through these hassles even if you are a seasoned traveler. It’s just part of what you signed up for. What you can do is to minimize these issues from occurring, which you can do by applying these valuable hacks. 

But these aren’t just any “hacks” you’ll find online. These tips are from actual experts who’ve been there and done that. 

Expert Travel Hacks For a Stress-Free Trip

In a nutshell, the key to a stress-free experience, according to travel experts, is to minimize the risks. You’d want to cover all the bases you can while also preparing for unexpected mishaps that could be costly. Some things are just out of one’s control, and it’s a reality each traveler should accept. 

Book Hotels Directly From the Hotel Website

A quick Google scan of “cheap hotels” will lead you to third-party websites offering significant discounts. You’ll see it in the advertising, with some hotels purportedly getting 60% price cuts. And if you’re in a rush to book accommodation, you’ll likely take it in a heartbeat. 

But according to Travel & Leisure Deputy Digital Editor Nina Ruggiero, booking through the hotel website can save you a lot of money.