The world of military aviation is abuzz with excitement as General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, a leader in unmanned aircraft technology, announces the commencement of production for the latest version of its renowned Gray Eagle drone, the Gray Eagle 25M.

This cutting-edge platform is equipped with the revolutionary ‘Eagle Eye’ synthetic aperture radar system, poised to elevate the United States Army’s ability to detect, track, and engage small drones more effectively than ever before.

In a recent announcement at the Association of the US Army’s conference in Washington, Mike Shortsleeve, Vice President of Defense Department Strategic Development at General Atomics, shed light on the capabilities and significance of the Gray Eagle 25M drone with the Eagle Eye radar system.

This development marks a critical step forward in modern warfare, addressing the growing importance of countering small drones in global conflicts.

The Eagle Eye Radar System

Central to this latest iteration of the Gray Eagle drone is the Eagle Eye synthetic aperture radar system, a technological wonder engineered for exceptional precision in target detection and tracking.

Its capabilities are nothing short of astounding: it can identify targets up to 50 miles away in high resolution, a feat that extends to a remarkable 125 miles when conducting maritime surveillance.

Eagle Eye Radar
Fact Sheet: Eagle Eye Next-Generation Surveillance Radar (Image source: General Atomics)

This extended range ensures the US Army is well-equipped to tackle threats on land and at sea, thus enhancing its ability to protect troops and assets.

The necessity for such advanced radar systems has become increasingly evident in recent conflicts.