There are more multi-tools floating around on the market than I care to count. Most of them are copies of proven and tested designs from only a handful of reputable manufacturers. Innovation has somewhat plateaued in the traditional plier based multi tools. Until now. Making a small but critical tweak to its multi-tool, Gerber has corrected a long time flaw in my opinion. Meet the Center Drive multi-tool.

If you’ve ever utilized a multi tool, you’ll sympathize with what I’m about to describe. When based on a set of pliers, the architecture of the tool only allows additional implements to be housed in the handle section. Once such a tool is extended from the handle, it remains off the center axis of the pliers. Which isn’t a big deal when using a knife or a file. But when using one of the screw drivers, the off-center axis makes rotation very awkward. Gerber recognized this and designed a locking driver arm that angles back to the center line of the tool once extended. Making the rotation of the tool more consistent with a conventional screwdriver. And for that, I personally thank you!

Gerber Center Drive | A new angle on multi-tools

Another feature found in the Gerber Center Drive is a full 3.25″ fine edged blade. This larger blade utilizes the same locking mechanism as the center axis bit driver. Insuring an unfortunate collapse of the blade doesn’t occur while in use. Like most Gerber multi-tools, the pliers are deployed with the simple push of a thumb button and slide out with one hand. These needle nose pliers have a very precise tip allowing a strong grip on the smallest of items. And at the base of these jaws, you’ll find a carbide wire cutter/stripper than can be rotated or replaced once dull.