It seems like the gear industry as a whole is turning to a minimalistic design. Everything from plate carriers, to belts, to weaponry. Lighter pieces of gear that hold up to the field is the goal of most companies and Gerber Gear is no exception. In fact they are taking the challenge in stride.

The Gerber Ghoststrike Fixed Blade has a skeletal design that weighs in at only 3.6 oz, and that’s with the sheath. Overall it measures 6.9 inches with a 3.3 inch blade. The handle is a small skeletal design with over molded rubber. I was at first concerned with the grip becoming slippery but even with a sweaty hand the texture keeps it firmly in your palm.

Gerber Turns to Minimalistic | The Ghoststrike Fixed Blade

The small stature and skeletal design of the weapon doesn’t play much of a factor on this knife, I have been using the Gerber Ghoststrike every day for a while now and I’m not seeing any signs of weakness or wear as of yet.