In response to the crash of Germanwings Flight 9525, the team at Fighter Sweep is providing excellent and thoughtful coverage of the tragedy from the perspective of the military aviator and civilian airlines pilot.

Paco Chierici briefed on the post-crash investigation process and discussed three scenarios that may have caused the crash. Jonathan Derden followed that with news that French prosecutors stated that Germanwings First Officer Andreas Lubitz intentionally destroyed the aircraft. And Paco’s latest post looks at how Lubitz could have deliberately crashed the plane, despite in-built safeguards.

Finally, Escape The Wolf offered this one year ago: “In final reflection, safety is good, awareness is better, security and confidence is optimal in your life and your travels. Consideration of these factors and how we chose, or how others choose, to act upon them on our behalf determines whether we behave in a logical manner that balances our personal security with our freedoms and ultimately whether we are ever going to achieve life’s fulfillment in a post-9/11 environment.”

(Featured Image Courtesy: IBTimes)