The tides are shifting in European defense.

Germany’s parliament recently approved a hefty budget injection, as reported by Defense News in late June, marking a turning point in the nation’s military posture.

Fueled by the ongoing war in Ukraine, this move signifies a commitment to modernization and a more assertive role on the international stage.

The centerpiece of this development is the Tyrfing, a supersonic naval cruise missile being co-developed with Norway. This project marks a significant milestone for Germany – its first foray into building modern naval missiles.

Until now, Germany relied on French and American technologies for this crucial capability. The 650 million euro ($695 million) project aims to deliver the Tyrfing by 2035, fundamentally altering the balance of power at sea and granting Germany a potent new offensive weapon.

A Supersonic Spear: The Tyrfing Project

The shroud of secrecy surrounding the 3SM (shortened for Supersonic Strike Missile) Tyrfing begins to lift as details trickle out. Unveiled by Norway in November last year, the project aims to deliver a potent missile by 2035, with a contract expected by mid-2024 to solidify Germany’s involvement.

While specifics remain under wraps, German defense sources suggest an all-weather, long-range, supersonic missile with a selectable yield warhead for minimizing collateral damage. This versatility hints at a weapon capable of striking both land and sea targets, similar to the existing Naval Strike Missile but with extended reach and speed.

Naval Strike Missile
A Naval Strike Missile launches off USS Gabrielle Giffords (LCS-10). (DVIDS)

Beyond the Tyrfing: A Shower of Brimstone

The spending spree doesn’t end there.

The parliament also approved the purchase of a staggering 3,266 Brimstone 3 air-to-ground missiles.

These missiles, already battle-tested by the British Royal Air Force, will significantly enhance the offensive capabilities of the Eurofighter fleet, the backbone of the German Air Force.

The Brimstone 3 boasts superior precision and lethality, offering a decisive edge in modern warfare.

A Geopolitical Spark: Re-evaluating Defense Priorities

This surge in military spending is a direct response to the transformed geopolitical landscape.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has served as a stark wake-up call, exposing the vulnerabilities of European security.

Germany, in particular, has stepped up to the challenge, emerging as a leading supplier of military aid to Ukraine, with over €10 billion ($10.8 billion) worth of equipment already delivered.

The Tyrfing project exemplifies a growing trend: European nations joining forces to bolster their defense capabilities.

Partnering with Norway allows Germany to leverage expertise and resources, fostering a more robust and self-sufficient European defense industry. This collaborative approach not only reduces reliance on external suppliers but also strengthens Europe’s collective security.

Germany’s Defense Metamorphosis: Projecting Power

Investing in this next-generation supersonic weapon marks a seismic shift in German defense policy, bolstering its armed forces’ capabilities. It’s also clear that the country is no longer solely focused on defense, evolving its strategy to show its willingness to project power and deterrence to any potential threats on a global scale.

However, a shadow of uncertainty hangs over this newfound assertiveness.

Can Germany reconcile this proactive approach with its post-World War II defensive posture? Will this rearmament spark an arms race in Europe, or can it serve as a deterrent for peace?

One thing is undeniable: Germany is sending a clear message. The Tyrfing, slicing through the waves, and Brimstone raining from the skies symbolize a nation no longer content with a purely defensive role. Is this the dawn of a new era in European security or a return to a bygone age of militaristic competition? Only time will tell.

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