Killing zombies is probably not the first thing you think of when you go to Las Vegas but it should be!

Adventure Combat Ops (ACO) is a Service Disabled, Veteran Owned company that offers the most realistic, apocalyptic, combat simulation in the world! If you have ever wondered how you would do in a zombie apocalypse, this is your chance to find out. Each mission is led by former Delta Force, Navy SEAL, Army Ranger, and Special Forces operators. Your SOF team leader will take you through a 1.5 hour, full sensory-immersive experience, where you will gear up in military uniforms and equipment, undergo basic training, and then battle in a full blown indoor production, to save the world from a zombie and insurgent threat! The experience is like a combination of  “The Walking Dead” and “Call of Duty” is brought to life.

The ACO team has centuries of collective special ops training, combat, and leadership experience. They incorporate a myriad of both military and business backgrounds. ACO opened its doors in July of 2015 and the 40k sq ft facility is located just off the Las Vegas Strip, behind the Palms Casino. They have taken their real world knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience in combat and training and brought them out of the shadows, giving the general population the first opportunity to experience the ultimate entertainment thrill of this kind and at this level. They bring together the collection of not only what they have done and continue to do in training the top Special Ops units in today’s War on Terrorism, but the all encompassing atmospherics of a combat and apocalyptic scenario which faces guests against a challenge never before experienced.

Ditch the lame Celine Dion concert and avoid the cliche bachelor party

Your one of a kind mission will start off by being picked up in MadMax looking trucks, geared up for the apocalypse on the outside, but finished out with climate control, LED interior lighting, bucket seats, and a flat screen TV with surround system on the inside.

The current venue includes an approximately 3000 sq ft themed guest lounge; an apocalyptic training camp with military tents; and then over a dozen furnished houses, multiple vehicles, staged car wrecks, streets, yards, fences, alleyways, and it is themed to look as though the end of the world is here; supported by approximately $250k in special effects!

Adventure Combat Ops offers leadership training and team building exercises for companies

Adventure Combat Ops has conducted team-building events for a plethora of companies and corporations. These events include a four-day, full immersion leadership event for the Young Presidents Organization. Additionally they have also developed and led several one-day company events which focused on leadership, team building, and mindset for successful business practices. Furthermore, they are already one of the hottest attractions in Vegas for both corporate and group events. Two examples can be found with:

Mophie: Watch the video HERE and read a Business Insider Review HERE

Zappos: It was a Las Vegas record setting, never-before-executed, corporate event for 2248 employees and guests. Watch the video HERE

One of the most exciting parts about all of this though is the surprise in store for Crate Club and SOFREP members coming up! But you will have to be a member to find out!

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