Gentleman, the hard reality of the world is that we often are left to hunt and gather when it comes to gifts. We smile and thank our kids when we receive our 15th Father’s day tie in a row. It’s not a show. We are happy and thankful, but that’s probably not tied to the gift. When it comes to what we actually want— we’re probably going to buy it for ourselves.

Years ago, I brought my artist wife a bouquet of sharpies. It was quite apparent that she preferred those over the roses she typically received. So, this valentine’s day I’m going to help the ladies out. Or perhaps I’m going to help a male non-shooter with a shooting significant other out. Whatever the case may be—here we go.

Here are three Glock upgrades that I’m currently testing. I think your significant other would be quite happy with any or each of them. By the way, if your partner doesn’t have a Glock— get them a Glock! If they don’t want a Glock— look for a new significant other.

No, no, I’m just kidding, there are similar custom products available for other popular handguns. You could use this post as an idea guide even for those of you with M&P, Sig, CZ, or FN-preferring partners.

  1. As the title suggests: buy them MORE AMMO! There is never enough ammo. When in doubt, buy ammo. “But that’s not unique or interesting…” you say. Fine. Buy defensive ammo— it’s shinier—but buy ammo!
  2. More mags. A shooter very rarely has enough magazines. When we do, we still think we need more.
  3. Upgraded sights. I like Zev Combat, Trijicon HDs, Heinie Glock Ledge Straight Eights, and Ameriglo Hackathorn sights. I bet your loved one will too.
  4. A metal guide rod. We like metal. Currently, I’m testing (with favorable results) this stainless steel guide rod assembly from Cruxford. It may not provide a performance enhancement, but it’s fluted metal, it looks cool, feels solid, and will likely last longer than a polymer guide rod.
  5. A metal mag release. I don’t typically like extended mag releases for Glock handguns. However, this one from Cruxford is low profile enough to pass my requirements, and it’s metal. I think I would even run one on a carry gun. Another potential candidate that is subtle enough is this offering from Vickers Tactical.
  6. An upgraded trigger. Make that metal too. I haven’t been this excited about a trigger for a while. I’ve shot a bunch of after market Glock triggers, but most of the time I circle back to a stock Glock trigger with some polishing and a Ghost connector. However, this drop-in assembly from SSVI is great. I’m going to do a full write up on it after more testing. Also, you can get one in red so there ya go— perfect for Valentine’s day. If your partner happens to be in law enforcement, they offer a blue line version as well. With each LE Blue model sold, SSVI makes a $50 donation to local police funds. So yeah, definitely check out the TYR trigger from SSVI.
  7. A match grade barrel. May I suggest S3F or ZEV.
  8. Get that shooting significant other a gift certificate for a local gun smith’s shop. Look for one  that does quality frame modification, slide work, or something else filling your loved one’s Instagram feed. Check out DP Customs, ATEi, Innovative Gunfighter Solutions, KE Arms, StippGrips, Red Tail Gun Works, and Blown Deadline.
  9. You can never get too much training. Buy them a class, and better yet, offer to go with them.
  10. Mag Guts spring kits and extensions for their magazines and/or Taran Tactical extensions.

Go ahead, take him to the range, bond over bullets, bring him home to a steak dinner, a John Wick movie, and well… you can take it from there.