Gentleman, the hard reality of the world is that we often are left to hunt and gather when it comes to gifts. We smile and thank our kids when we receive our 15th Father’s day tie in a row. It’s not a show. We are happy and thankful, but that’s probably not tied to the gift. When it comes to what we actually want— we’re probably going to buy it for ourselves.

Years ago, I brought my artist wife a bouquet of sharpies. It was quite apparent that she preferred those over the roses she typically received. So, this valentine’s day I’m going to help the ladies out. Or perhaps I’m going to help a male non-shooter with a shooting significant other out. Whatever the case may be—here we go.

Here are three Glock upgrades that I’m currently testing. I think your significant other would be quite happy with any or each of them. By the way, if your partner doesn’t have a Glock— get them a Glock! If they don’t want a Glock— look for a new significant other.