There’s nothing quite like that “dirty feet” smell of a down sleeping bag after a week on the trail. Or that funk emanating from a performance base layer post workout. Most commercially available garment washes are of the one-size-fits-all variety. But not all garments are created equally. In fact, the fabrics used on Gore-Tex outer layers, down insulated layers and performance base layers have almost nothing in common. Because of this, a specific product targeted at the garments unique construction and fabric type is required. Helping to further increase the longevity of your expensive equipment. Grangers provides a wide variety of targeted wash systems for all your outdoor equipment.

Based in the UK, Grangers has been providing outdoor protection from the elements since 1937. Including Mt. Everest adventurers, extreme backpackers, survivalists, and explorers of both North and South Poles. Cutting edge research and development has propelled Grangers to the top of the garment aftercare segment. In 1947, Grangers developed the first ever water-based waterproofing solution, paving the way for responsible protection. And for the last 10 years, Grangers has developed a PFC-free aftercare solution. Making them the first aftercare company to earn the coveted bluesign approval.

Grangers Performance & Down Wash | Quick Look
Black Diamond and Mammut insulating layers

Residing in a cold environment during the winter months, I own a lot of natural down as well as synthetic insulating jackets. Additionally, I spend a lot of time on the slopes skiing. With a closet full of Mammut Gore-Tex and various insulating layers, I’ve struggled to find the right product that targets the varying needs of these items. Grangers was kind enough to let the Loadout Room test several of their new products and I jumped on the Down Wash and Performance Wash. Below are the instructions for these products as well as a short instructional video.

Grangers Down Wash detail courtesy of

  • Specially formulated to clean all down-filled articles, including sleeping bags and jackets.
  • Removes dirt and neutralises odour without reducing loft or impairing performance.
  • Can be used to prepare a garment for future water-proofing treatments.
  • Best used in conjunction with a tumble dryer – down items should always be tumble dried when appropriate.
  • A bluesign® system approved product. 
  • Purchase on Amazon here for $7.10

Grangers Performance Wash details courtesy of

  • Specially formulated to clean all technical fabrics and clothing.
  • Removes dirt and neutralises odours without impairing performance.
  • Protects the water-repellent finish found on waterproof clothing.
  • Can be used to prepare a garment for future water-proofing treatments.
  • Suitable for use on all Gore-Tex® and eVent garments.
  • A bluesign® system approved product.
  • Purchase on Amazon here for $5.14

After running most of my winter gear through the wash as per Grangers instructions, I’m more than pleased with the results. Both Gore-Tex shells and pants had a few minor stains that disappeared. And the funky smells were not just masked by a fragrance like other cleaners but completely eliminated. Leaving them factory new and odor free. Additionally, the water repellantcy of my Gore-Tex outer layers shed water like a duck. Although my down layers weren’t stained, they were a bit gamey. And the Down Wash from Grangers not only eliminated any hint of an oder, but restored the full loft of the down feathers as well. My Nemo sleeping bag is next. Grangers products are very reasonably priced, especially if you shop on Amazon. Leaving you no excuse not to properly wash and restore your outdoor kit. Find the products that suit you on Grangers website.

Pictured: Black Diamond Cold Forge Hoody, Mammut Nordwand Pro Jacket, Mammut Eigerjoch jacket

This article is courtesy of The Loadout Room.