I like to cover a lot of guns that aren’t seen in grocery-store magazines, and for a couple of reasons.  First, common guns bore me.  If I can go to three gun shops and see the same firearm at the same price, or covered in more than one magazine it simply doesn’t excite me.  I’ve handled a lot of handguns over the years and have several dozen at home.  Each new firearm has to try harder than the last to interest me.

A gun also needs to provide more for less money than its predecessor.  Firearms like the Taurus 709 Slim have proven it doesn’t take much to offer a lot of features for relatively little money and still accomplish the same as guns costing more.  Don’t get me wrong, the 709 Slim is far from a favorite of mine, but does offer a lot of features and function for about half the cost of others.

Grand power's XCalibur
Grand power’s XCalibur

We recently had a comment on the channel by user Tom Johnson who said, “You have the largest collections of guns that nobody has ever heard about nor wants”.

I took that as a compliment and actually you something different.  I’m willing to bet there are plenty of drivers who have never heard of a Königsegg, but if given the chance they’d drive one.  The handgun equivalent might be the Grand Power Xcalibur we reviewed.  Neither the cheapest nor the most conventional handgun, but an incredible machine of undeniable performance.  Hand-fitted and purpose-built.

Another that surprised me pleasantly was the MC14 imported by Zenith.  At under $400 some would skip over it assuming it’s cheap.  Seeing it on display or shooting it you’d think it costs a lot more.

The nicely-detailed Girsan MC14
This beautiful little piece is a double-action/single-action with an external safety.

Each of the THREE included magazines hold 14 rounds of Browning’s mini-banger, the .380 ACP.  A few years back when guns started getting small again the .380 was all the rage because it was compact and could be used in blow-back designs.

Defensive ammunition makers got on board and as early as 2012 the NRA proved that Browning’s 78%-scale miniaturization of his venerable .45 ACP was….wait for it….78% as effective!  Sure that’s not 100%, but for the weight and space savings it’s impressive.  Those who believe the .45 ACP is more than enough can’t deny that makes the .380 ACP definitely adequate.  For others it’s not entirely about the power.

Ironically those least comfortable with firearms are probably those most likely to need one.  Elderly or smaller hands and weaker arms, or those intimidated by recoil have a use for .380.   These characteristics also add up to the personification of easy prey for the wicked, and thereby also more in need of a defensive tool to level the playing field.

I once heard a quote along the lines of “God created man, Samuel Colt made them equal,” and believe it applies quite well, or in this case John Browning.  The best caliber is the one you carry and the worst is the one you leave at home.  The Girsan MC-14 offers a very pleasant-to-shoot and well-made firearm with a lot of features at an affordable price and in a rather-complete package.  What’s not to like about that?

So just because it’s not in a magazine, or isn’t all the rage at the gun shop doesn’t mean it’s not the right gun for you.  That’s why we seek out firearms like the Xcalibur and MC-14, because there are incredible values out there quietly awaiting recognition.  And if it’s recognition you’re looking for trying taking one of these to the range and just wait for the barrage of questions and faces as other realize that you found a better firearm for less money than they did.

This article courtesy of Graham Baates from The Arms Guide.