North Korea recently test-dropped a bombshell—or should I say a radioactive tsunami.

The secretive regime claims they’ve successfully tested their latest toy, the Haeil-5-23 underwater nuclear weapon system.

They say this revelation is a direct response to the “biggest-ever” joint naval exercises conducted by the United States, South Korea, and Japan.

Things are heating up on the Korean Peninsula, and it’s not your regular diplomatic dance.

Underwater Nuclear Weapon Test

The Haeil-5-23, or “Haeil” (translates to “tsunami“) for those who love their threats with a side of poetic flair, supposedly made its debut in March 2023.

The North Koreans boast that this underwater nuclear attack drone can sneak into enemy waters, unleash hell beneath the waves, and wipe out naval strike groups and operational ports with a massive radioactive wave.

So, basically, it’s a quote-and-quote maritime nightmare.