South Korea’s Hanwha Group, a leading energy-to-defense conglomerate, is set to make waves at the upcoming International Defense Industry Exhibition (MSPO) in Poland by introducing an array of cutting-edge weapons and defense systems. With a strong focus on unmanned vehicles, advanced reconnaissance capabilities, and space-based solutions, Hanwha is poised to make a significant impact on the global defense market.

Unmanned Vehicle with Surface-to-Surface Missile: Chungum

At the forefront of Hanwha’s showcase is a groundbreaking prototype – an unmanned ground vehicle armed with a surface-to-surface missile known as Chungum. Hanwha Aerospace, the group’s defense and aerospace unit, is collaborating with the state-run Agency for Defense Development on this ambitious project.

The Chungum autonomous system is designed to excel in search and reconnaissance missions in areas often challenging for soldiers and conventional systems to cover. Its ability to operate efficiently in broader target ranges and neutralize enemy tanks makes it a formidable addition to modern military arsenals.

Post Translation: “Hanwha Aerospace will present the latest defense technologies in all domains at #MSPO2023 in Kielce. Visit booth G49 to explore our wide range of land, maritime, and aerospace systems.”

Sonar Autonomous Underwater Vehicle for Precise Reconnaissance

Hanwha Aerospace is also set to unveil a sonar autonomous underwater vehicle that promises to revolutionize submarine reconnaissance. This cutting-edge underwater drone can create precise 3D terrain maps, even in murky underwater conditions. It is expected to play a crucial role in enhancing the capabilities of naval forces worldwide.