I’ve been using the Hatch Task Specific Gloves for over two weeks now while at the range. I’m very familiar with products that fall in the “shooting” glove compartment, but as of now I’ve put the Hatch product at the top three of my favorite shooting glove list.

Key Features

  • Touchscreen knuckle
  • Trigger Finger cut ring
  • Soft Knuckle Protection
  • Floating Thumb
  • Compression cuff
  • Genuine Goatskin palm/Reinforced Goatskin 2nd layer in palm
  • Foam Shock absorption in palm and knuckles
  • Nomex on the back of the hand

What stands out with the Hatch Task Specific Gloves

While deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, our unit was issued sets of gloves to deploy and field. Most of the time, if not every time, the gloves would need to be altered to fit the shooters needs. Hatch has made it easier/eliminated the need to start adding and taking away pieces to the glove. I’m sure most of the shooters who utilize gloves while shooting like to cut away the trigger finger portion – especially snipers and precision shooters.  Having an intimate/positive feel of the trigger is paramount. With our standard issue gloves I would usually end up cutting the tip of the trigger finger off as soon as I got them. Over time or during an operation, the finger portion of the glove would start to unravel and tear away. With Hatch, they provide an area to cut that section off without the worry of the entire thing coming apart. A huge plus in my book.

I also like the touchscreen knuckle. The middle finger knuckle has a soft cloth portion that allows you to operate any touch screen device.  Not having to take the glove off to access a variety of electronic devices that have a touchscreen, may it be while on an operation or at the range, is another key feature that I enjoy.

The knuckles are also padded. Not overly padded and not hard knuckled. Just enough padding to keep the glove light weight, and just enough protection that if you bang your knuckles against a wall or the corner of a door going into a breach they won’t break.

So far, I have to say I’m really enjoying the product. I Should be wrapping up the final stages this week and introducing them to some wet and hot environments to see how well they continue to hold up.


You can get the Hatch Heavy SOGL Glove here.