I’ve lived in a lot of different shelters throughout my time as a survival instructor. Pup tents, tents, snow caves, hammocks, rock over hangs, tree wells, lean-to shelters, lean-aways, shelters made from parachute and most other shelters. Throughout this I’ve defaulted to something simple most of the time, a tarp of some type with a poly pad. It’s light weight and dual purpose. A year ago however I discovered the Hennessy Hammock and decided to give it a shot.

I’ve been using the Hennessy Hammock for over a year now, sleeping in the shelter for a total of 37 days spaced out evenly month to month. It’s important to understand that a Hammock in general is not a recommended shelter during the winter. Even with a good inflatable sleeping pad under you to create dead air space you’re going to sleep very cold. I don’t recommend hammocks in temperatures below 40 degrees in most cases unless you have very specific equipment / gear. Even if you do there are shelters far more suited to those environments.

With that understanding let me be clear that hammocks have many benefits, you’re cooler in hot temperatures, they’re extremely comfortable, you don’t need level ground and generally they don’t take up much space in your pack. There are several downfalls however, many hammocks put you into a banana shape which can be uncomfortable after several nights, further many lack protection from insects. What sets the Hennessy Hammock apart from other hammocks is size, weight, sleeping position, and bug net.

The Hennessy Hammock Survivor