If you were to imagine Nazi spies, you would perhaps picture tall German men wearing overcoats and maybe a hat to conceal their faces, or maybe beautiful and charming German women who were taught of espionage. 

But, in the summer of 1937, The UK has become a key target for espionage for the Germans who wanted to gather intelligence in the region. What they did not expect was that the spies they were looking for were a group of seemingly innocent teenage boys cycling around town.

Just Some Cyclists…

A declassified British intelligence revealed that the Hitler Youth cyclists in the UK caused alarm and fear when numerous reports poured into the local police claiming these youngsters were actually “spyclists”  who were believed to be scouted by the Nazis to help plot invasion. 

Hitler Youth members at a Nazi rally. (Wide World Photo via encyclopedia.ushmm.org)

As the author of the official history of MI5, Christopher Andrew wrote,