Not all Germans loved Hitler or his decisions to drag the country into costly wars and cause the unjust sufferings of other nations. Although unheard of, one of those opposing Hitler was German carpenter Georg Elser.

He was not just another person silently cursing the Fuhrer, as Elser decided that enough was enough and that he had to do something with his own hands to stop the dictator from waging another war. So with his skills and knowledge, he went his way and decided that he would end Adolf Hitler’s life.

Opposing the Whole Nazi Thing

Georg Elser’s life was simple. He was born in Hermaringen, Wurttemberg, to a timber merchant father and a farm laborer mother. He was the eldest among the six children and would often be left to look after his five younger siblings. In 1917, he sought independence and started an apprenticeship as a lathe operator at the smelter in Konigsbronn. In 1925, he left his family to work at the Wachter woodworking company in Bernried, a small community near Tettnang. Soon, he explored the Lake Constance area by foot and arrived at Friedrichshafen. There he started a job shaping propellers for the fledgling aircraft manufacturer Dornier.

Bust of Georg Elser in Berlin. (Rutherford, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)

In 1936, he started working at the Waldenmaier armament factory in Heidenheim while also being a carpenter and cabinet maker. Elser became a member of the Federation of Woodworkers Union, a left-leaning organization. At the same time, he joined what was called the Red Front Fighters’ Association. However, he told his interrogators in 1939 that he only attended about three times of their political assemblies while he was a member. From the beginning of the Nazi regime in 1933, Elser had since opposed the whole idea and refused to do the Hilter salute. He also would not join the others in listening to the Fuhrer’s blaring speeches on the radio, nor did he vote in the elections or referendums during Nazism.