The French confirm, Heckler & Koch confirms. And now it is clear: the future of the French Army is German. HK416F is going to be the new standard weapon and will replace the FAMAS which has been used since the 1970s. 102.000 guns in the calibre of 5,56 mm x 45 NATO and 10.767 grenade launcher (HK2969F) in the calibre of 44 mm x 46 are also sold. Additional accessories, ammunition, various components, as well as services with a running time of 15 years will also arrive with the new rifle.

Heckler & Koch managed to succeed against Fabrique Nationale from Belgium, HS Produkt from Croatia, SIG Sauer from Eckernförde in Germany, and Beretta from Italy. But what is so special about the newHK416F service weapon for soldiers in every arm of the services (army, air force and navy) in the French army that will be established as of 2017? Udo Lücken from PMA-ODAL did some research for SOFREP on the data of the new French standard weapon:


The variation HK416F is based on the HK416A5 and can be used by left and right handed shooters. The clasp and the linkage of the HK416F is a gas pressure loader system which is similar to the AR-15 by Colt. The weapon will be delivered to the French army in the variations HK416F-S (standard, 14.5” –pipe/368 mm) and HK416F-C (commando, 11”-pipe/279 mm) in the ground color black (for missions in arid terrain with the color concept RAL8000).