As we approach the holiday season, we at the Loadout Room would like to make your shopping a little easier for you. We are going to have a series of gift guides coming out in the next few weeks. In this article we are going to cover Wallets. We have reviewed a few wallets and also recommend some that haven’t been reviewed yet. We’re going to consolidate those choices into this article so you don’t have to waste your time sifting through the hundreds of options on Amazon.

Chums Surfshorts Wallet – The Surfshorts Wallet by Chums is a great option if you’re looking for a minimalist wallet. For me this wallet fits my minimalist lifestyle almost perfectly. I’ve carried larger wallets in the past, but rarely found myself using half of what was inside it, so over the past year I have tried several smaller low profile wallets in search of one that can hold what I need, yet still be functional. All in all I am really liking this wallet. At a price point of $10 I may pick up a few just to have on hand in case the one I’m using ever wears out.



Blue Force Gear Wallet – When it comes to everyday carry items, not everyone may carry a knife or a flashlight, but 99% of guys out there have a wallet of some type in their back pocket. Me personally, I tend to be a minimalist with this stuff. I’ve been through a few wallets in my day. Blue Force Gear now makes a wallet known as the BFG Wallet. The BFG Wallet is produced from the same material that Blue Force Gear uses on all their nylon gear that many of our Military rely on. That material is known as ULTRAcomp. This proprietary laminate material is said to rival the commonly known and used Cordura. ULTRAcomp has a higher abrasion resistance and if it gets wet, will dry out a-lot faster than Cordura. I really like the overall design of the wallet. It is purposely designed to be a slim profile, yet at the same time able to carry all your essential cards, cash, and identification. Yes this wallet may be more expensive than those wallets found at the local department store, but you’re making an investment by purchasing the BFG Wallet, one that will be around for many years.



Trayvax Wallet – Trayvax boasts that their wallets are RFID blocking (specific to credit-cards’ internal antennas), made from aircraft aluminum, and are extremely versatile. They can be customized to carry groceries with their small bag attachment, used with a carabiner clip (snap it to your kit while hiking), and they even come standard with a bottle opener. The Trayvax that I ordered (Charcoal Grey) measured in at 4 1/4” long, 2 5/8” wide, and 1” thick. The thickness will vary greatly from user to user depending on the amount of cards you wish to carry. I carry six cards, a little cash, and my Ranger coin. The craftsmanship of this wallet looks and feels exceptional. Trayvax makes their wallets in the U.S. and donates a portion of their proceeds (10 percent) to not-for-profit organizations distributing clean water around the world. Starting at $29.99, these versatile wallets are well-priced.

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Trayvax Element Wallet – Enter the Trayvax Element in Tobacco Brown. Trayvax maintains its use of metal, however, it forgoes Velcro and nylon for tanned leather. The Trayvax Element performs the same tasks as its other wallets, but does so in style. The Element has a similar card holding system although it is limited to 8-10 (versus 12-14). The metal frame features an internal bottle opener/money clip feature to make carrying cash easy or having a beer easy. If the standard Trayvax was a sedan, then the Element is a luxury car.



Celtic Shield Wallet –  Celtic Shield is a disabled Veteran owned and operated small business that manufactures these slick RFID defeating card holders. They are 100% made in the USA of 60/61 Military spec aluminum in either Ranger green or black. The two aluminum halves of the wallet are bound together with an elastic webbing that allows you to pull them apart to access your credit cards. The aluminum parts which provide the shielding for the Celtic Shield Wallet along with the pocket clip are fastened using small allen machine screws. Celtic Shield included with the wallet, a correct allen wrench, a spare set of elastic webbing and a cool poker chip with their logo on it. The wallet measures 3 1/2″ long and 2 1/8″ wide and weighs 88 grams empty. The thickness depends on how many credit cards you carry, as well as if you add the pocket clip. With four credit cards, a drivers license, my CPL, cash and my Ranger coin, it measures 7/8″ thick.



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Recycled Firefighter Wallet –  Recycled Firefighter, as the name implies, uses anything from decommissioned fire hose, to old nomex clothing and discarded combat boot leather. They produce some innovative products that not only support an American entrepreneur but have an interesting history as well. I prefer to carry a slim wallet in my front pocket and opted for the “Sergeant” model from Recycled Firefighter. Because of it’s simple, durable design, this handmade recycled combat boot leather wallet has found it’s way into my EDC. In addition, Recycled Firefighter offers traditional bifold wallets using various materials such as leather, hypalon and firehose. Some additional products include notebook covers, bags and EDC swag.

I prefer to carry a slim wallet in my front pocket and opted for the “Sergeant” model from Recycled Firefighter. Because of it’s simple, durable design, this handmade recycled combat boot leather wallet has found it’s way into my EDC. In addition, Recycled Firefighter offers traditional bifold wallets using various materials such as leather, hypalon and firehose. Some additional products include notebook covers, bags and EDC swag.


Phil’s Wallets

I’ve always got my eye out for a nice minimalist wallet, especially when made in the USA. When it comes to my EDC, the wallet is one of the most regularly used items, so it needs to be somewhat durable and stand up to repeated use. I’m really intrigued by smaller lesser known companies and what they bring to the market. Phil’s Wallets is one of those companies. This is to serve as a quick look at their SLIM wallet. I don’t have one of their wallets in hand yet, but it is on order. Phil’s Wallets is a home-grown business out of central Florida and all the materials are locally sourced.

The SLIM minimalist wallet by Phils Wallets: Built to last in the USA


FlowFold Minimalist Wallet

Designed for the straight shooter with no interest in excess features, the Flowfold Minimalist wallet is both purposeful and versatile.It’s sleek outline fits seamlessly in the front pocket of your favorite jeans or tucked away in a day bag. If you find most walletscumbersome, this wallet embodies a simple and clean minimalist approach. The wallet is built with X-Ply™ technology; X-PLY is usedto create racing fabrics with incredible resistance to flex, elongation and degradation from U.V. so this wallet will stand against mothernature and has a lifetime warranty, not bad if you don’t ever need another wallet.


Nemo Equipment Ditto Wallet

The Nemo Equipment Ditto Wallets keep your cash and cards secure when you’re on the move. Ditto™ Slim Wallet is a minimalist two sided sleeve design that keeps contents secure with a partial stretch cover. Upcycled materials from manufacturing seconds are donated by NEMO’s tent material suppliers.


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