At what lengths are you willing to take in the name of love? Probably travel a hundred miles across the globe to be with the person you love? Willingly go through the difficulties of life so that they could get a comfortable life? Or even sacrifice your comfort zone if it meant making them happier? Oh, the things we do for love. For Horace Greasley, the fact that the Second World War was raging on or that he was a prisoner captured by the enemies did not stop him from seeing his beloved. That’s how he ended up escaping and coming back about 200 times from the Nazi prisoner of war camp.

Choosing the Military Life

Joseph Horace Greasley’s mom gave birth to him on the Christmas Day of 1918 in Ibstock, Leicestershire, along with a twin. He was 20 when the war broke out, contently working as a hairdresser. He and his twin Harold were conscripted immediately in the first draft. He could’ve been a fireman had he accepted the job offered to him by a client, but he didn’t. Had he taken the job, he would have been exempted from the draft but even when working in the fire service paid better than being in the army, Greasley still chose to join the military and turned down the fireman opportunity.

Was it perhaps Cupid urging him to take the military so he could meet the love of his life? Or was it perhaps patriotism? Whichever it was, he took the military path and proceeded to the next step.

He then took seven weeks’ worth of training with the 2nd/5th Battalion Leicestershire Regiment before being deployed to France with the British Expeditionary Force.