What a great time with Team Sofrep who was all over Shotshow 2023!

Sofrep Radio host Aaron ” Rad” Radl was boots on the ground grabbing interviews, shooting rifles, pistols, including a Springfield 10mm Pistol, Bergara Rifle system, 350 Remington, 338 lapua, and a freaking cool Carl Gustav Airsoft grenade launcher for wargames!

2023 Shotshow did not disappoint. New products from Bolle, Drifire, Flux, Faxom, Browning, Steiner Optics, Crye Precision(modern nanm jacket) Lancer Tactical, Spiritus Dryfire Mag, and more.

Ya know, I really like that Shot Show has cut down on the registrations to the event for only Industry professionals which makes the convention well worth the trip knowing its deal time.