(Editor’s note: This piece comes to us from a Ukrainian source personally known to us and writing about a spontaneous effort by It professionals in Ukraine joined by others around the world in cyberattacks on Russia following its invasion of Ukraine. Much has been written in the past about Russia’s cyber-warfare capabilities being first-rate and enormous in scope and scale, but with the exception of an initial and limited attack on Ukraine’s infrastructure in the early days of the war, it has been largely absent.  Most of the attacks that did take place were simple Distributed Denial Of Service Attacks that can be easily repelled. SOFREP itself has seen these DDOS attacks coming from Russia on our own website since the invasion began and we didn’t have any trouble beating them back.  In the 5 weeks since the invasion began, there are few signs of any Russian sophistication regarding its use of cyberweapons with speculation that it may have all been posture rather than reality.  It seems less and less likely that Russia has any significant reserve capability in terms of cyber and its cyber capabilities have been the victim of the same kind of neglect and mismanagement we’ve seen in the rest of the Russian military. It is also possible that Russia’s cyber assets are being kept so busy trying to defend and fight off attacks on their own cyberinfrastructure that they are on the defensive.  The so-called “IT Army of Ukraine” you will read about below may be part of that effort to keep Russian cyber forces playing defense rather than offense.)

IT Army of Ukraine and DDoS attacks on Russian sites 

The war that Russia started and the assault on major Ukrainian cities came off as a surprise to many of us. When we saw missiles and artillery rounds hitting cities and streets where we grew up – the first idea that came to our mind was:

“How can we stop this?” and “What can we do to help people in Ukraine?” Thousands of IT professionals who grew up in Ukraine and live all over the world felt the same. A lot of people were just shocked and couldn’t get back to their day-to-day life. They needed something that would give them meaning in life in those challenging times. The IT Army of Ukraine had a message for them – “Stop being shocked and join the fight. Anyone can help.”