In the security contracting world, keeping a low visibility profile is paramount to both safety and mission success. High Threat Concealment offers several options that will keep your sidearms, magazines, radio and IFAK out of sight but within easy reach to mitigate threats. HTC is a veteran owned small business that specializes in the development of low profile tactical gear for close protection or low visibility operations in both permissive and non-permissive environments. All products are made in the USA and are currently fielded by security contractors, federal agents, military units, and government personnel around the globe. One product that I was able to test for the last few months was the HTC Low Profile System or (LPS).

The HTC LPS is built on the sturdy two piece 1.75″ Tactical Cobra Belt system. A soft sided Velcro belt is worn traditionally by weaving it through the belt loops of the pants. The Tactical Cobra belt is then attached with Velcro over top of the loops. This method allows not only easy on/ easy off capability, it prevents the LPS from spinning, twisting or riding up the waist. A pet peeve of mine for battle belts worn over the belt loops has always been their tendency to ride up while drawing a sidearm. Additionally, those belts will flop all over the place while maneuvering which conveniently relocates your magazines and essential equipment. The 2-piece Tactical Cobra Belt from HTC provides a solid foundation to start building a mission specific system.

HTC Low Profile System (LPS) | Review
HTC mag pouches

High Threat Concealment utilizes the latest in compression molding, vacuum forming, and injection molding. Along with high quality thermoplastics and Mil-spec hardware, HTC manufacturs some of the most effective, low profile tactical gear available today.

The HTC Low Profile System includes the following components;

  • Holster 
  • Radio Holder or MAP pouch
  • Blowout Kit
  • Dual pistol mag holder
  • 2 rifle mag holders
  • MSRP $445

This selection of components give the user total flexibility to adapt to the mission at hand. I used the HTC Low Profile System for 3-gun competition. So my set-up consisted of a dual pistol mag, single AR mag and my pistol holster. No need for a radio or IFAK at the competition.

HTC Low Profile System (LPS) | Review
HTC pistol mag and IFAK

HTC utilizes a simple hardware solution for connecting the various components of the belt together. A screw, nut-sert and rubber washers provide a solid connection while maintaining a low profile. The dual pistol mag and holster feature an adjustable friction retention screw. Allowing the user to custom tailor the fit and friction of the pistol and magazines. In the past, there were 2 different AR mag holders depending on the orientation of the magazine. Currently, HTC offers a reversible AR mag pouch that secures the magazine in either orientation. Further simplifying the users ability to adapt the belt accordingly.

HTC Low Profile System (LPS) | Review
HTC Cobra 2 piece belt

Final thoughts: The HTC Low Profile System is by far my favorite modular belt to date. Although I’m not currently in the contracting field, the low visibility of this system under a jacket is amazing. I can even conceal this system comfortably under a suit jacket for an executive protection detail. HTC also offers a leather belt to better blend into the executive environment. During dynamic movement and shooting drills while competing in 3-gun competitions, the HTC LPS always maintained my equipment and never shifted. With so many pistol configurations, magazines, radios and blowout kits available, there are literally thousands of options to suit every shooters needs. The HTC Low Profile System (LPS) is the most adaptable and comprehensive low profile concealment rig available on the market today.