Ah, the age of technology! A time when sending an email can be as dangerous as accidentally sending a risqué text to your boss instead of your significant other. Enter Hunter Biden, a man whose digital footprint seems to have been made in quicksand and whose recent legal battles show that life isn’t all about misplaced laptops.

The Legal Dance: Beyond forgotten electronics, Hunter’s recent tiffs with the Justice Department have added another chapter to his saga. Late one Sunday, Hunter alerted a federal judge that the Justice Department might be trying to backpedal on a significant chunk of their deal. You see, Hunter had struck an agreement to participate in a diversion program tailored for gun offenders, offering him a shield against potential future federal prosecutions.

However, in a classic “he said, she said” scenario, David C. Weiss, a Trump appointee helming the extensive probe into Hunter’s activities, seemed to disagree. This disagreement peaked when, after Attorney General Merrick B. Garland promoted Mr. Weiss to the position of special counsel, government lawyers declared that their plea discussions with Hunter had hit a brick wall. According to them, the two parties hadn’t reached any consensus. The initial agreement suggested that in exchange for pleading guilty to a pair of tax misdemeanors, Hunter would join the diversion program, saving him from a potential gun charge prosecution.

In a twist worthy of a courtroom drama, Hunter countered these claims in a recent court filing. He stressed that not only had he inked the agreement, but he fully intended to honor it.