One could not imagine a typical British Empire soldier with his upright posture, neatly worn uniform, and even more neatly trimmed mustache. It wasn’t just because it was trendy to sport the look but because it was actually part of the mandatory things that the soldiers had to adhere to and remained so for nearly sixty years. Safe to say that the British took their mustache gaming seriously.

Mustache Era

The mustache tradition, before it became part of the British Empire, was picked from a number of different cultures. This was a result of the enormous empire that spanned over a quarter of the Earth’s total land area and a quarter of its population. According to The National Archives,

It covered around 25% of the world’s land surface, including large swathes of North America, Australia, Africa and Asia, while other areas – especially in South America – were closely linked to the empire by trade.

Meanwhile, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development gave the actual figures, “it also oversaw around 412 million inhabitants or around 23% of the world’s population at the time.”