To continue keeping up with the ever-shifting geopolitics, the Indian Air Force (IAF) recently made public the updated version of its Doctrine, which discusses the latest foundation of its defensive and offensive operations and the importance of its aerospace power role in maintaining national security during “peace, war, and no war no peace” situations.

The Doctrine, which contains India’s Roadmap Beyond 2022, also includes the years of combat experience, knowledge, and lessons learned since its formation almost a century ago to stay relevant across different conflict scenarios and to serve as a reference not only for the armed forces and government but also for individuals interested to know more about the military branch’s operations, including think tanks, universities, and the media.

In the foreword, Indian Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari explained that “the updated version of the IAF’s Doctrine… lays down the pervasive concepts of aerospace power while providing adequate freedom in the application of its elements.”

He continued: “This edition of the Doctrine focuses on the aspects that would provide guidance in Peace, War, and No War No Peace situations to ensure continued operational success in the coming decades.”