There are growing demands from India’s military for a robust riposte to Pakistan, after Sunday’s dawn attack by four gunmen which saw 17 soldiers killed at the army’s Uri cantonment in Indian-administered Kashmir.

“I assure the nation that those behind this despicable attack will not go unpunished,” Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared just hours after the strike.

Mr Modi did not name Pakistan, but his response to the attack has boosted those who would like to see a tactical comeback by the Indian army against Pakistan’s military, which is being blamed by senior leaders in Delhi for helping launch the attack.

Pakistan has denied such allegations, dismissing it as a knee-jerk response by India and no group has said it carried out the killings.

Vindicating the ‘honour’ of the army – with force

But the army is itching to respond to the Uri attack, seeking to kill more than the 17 soldiers it lost, to vindicate its “izzat”, or honour, in a move guaranteed to escalate tension between the nuclear-armed neighbours.

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Image courtesy of AFP