Hey everybody, we’re screening INFIL_EXFIL over in the Team Room.

An artistic look at the war in Afghanistan, INFIL_EXFIL is a collection of HD helmet camera footage of Marine and Army Special Operations in the village of Daneh Pasab, Afghanistan in April of 2010 and the reflections and quiet stillness that many Veterans bring home with them. MARSOC and Special Forces. Real combat. Real combatants. Real issues. Real military. If you’re a civilian, this is a good movie that will help you understand what our Special Operations Forces do.

Check the preview at the bottom of this post, then watch it in the Team Room. It’s only $2.99, and you get three days of access to our SOFREP Team Room included. So not only do you get INFIL_EXFIL, but you get our entire SOFREP Radio and SOFREP TV archives, PLUS all of our ebooks, PLUS the GREAT SOFREP COMMUNITY! Yes, this is a killer deal, but MORE importantly, we’re giving the proceeds to Michael’s favorite PTSD group, Military Minds.

This is important work, authentic on all fronts.The movie is worth it, and we appreciate your support.