Iran’s state airline, IranAir just took delivery of their first Airbus A321 jetliner with the company paint scheme and logo. Iran’s purchase of these new Airbus aircraft is only possible due to the lifting of sanctions under the Iran nuclear deal framework.

“The technical acceptance has been done with formal delivery still to be done,” an Airbus spokesman said.

A spokesman for Iran’s civil aviation authority said the aircraft had been placed on the country’s aircraft register, indicating IranAir had taken ownership of the aircraft, the first of around 200 Western aircraft ordered since sanctions were lifted. – Reuters

Learn More About the Airbus A320 series

The Airbus A320 family of airliners first flew in 1987. It is a short to medium range, twin engine, commercial passenger jet that can cruise at over 500 miles per hour and a range of over 3000 miles.


Photo of A320 cockpit by Olivier Cleynen (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons