In the gritty theater of Middle Eastern geopolitics, where the air is thick with tension and the scent of gunpowder as Iran unveiled its latest act of defiance: two state-of-the-art air defense systems, the Arman and the Azarakhsh.

Amidst a backdrop of simmering conflicts and ever-shifting alliances, these systems reported last Saturday (February 17) are Tehran’s bold statement. Its a demonstration of military prowess in a region where power speaks louder than words.

Meet Iran’s Arman and Azarakhsh

The Arman, with its anti-ballistic missile capabilities, emerges as a guardian of the skies, boasting a reach that can spot targets at a distance of 180 kilometers (112 miles) and engage them at 120 (75 miles).

According to reports from IRNA news agency, this system isn’t just about defense; it’s a multi-tasker capable of handling up to six threats simultaneously, a technological marvel designed to keep adversaries at bay.