The Arabian Sea Operation

In the dead of night, somewhere off the coast of Somalia, a bunch of US Navy SEALs pulled off a seizure that’s got the Arabian Sea churning more than a squall in monsoon season.

We’re talking about a haul of Iranian-made missile parts, the kind you wouldn’t want landing in the wrong hands.

And those wrong hands? The Houthi rebels have been causing mayhem in these waters since last November, targeting anything that floats and has a flag.

Now, this ain’t your average catch of the day.

These SEALs, who’ve got more courage in their pinkies than most do in their whole bodies, snagged themselves a whole collection of goodies meant for creating chaos: ballistic missile and cruise missile parts, propulsion, guidance, you name it.

CENTCOM spilled the beans on this, saying these weapons have been the Houthis’ playthings against innocent merchant ships in the Red Sea for too long.