The Mil Mi-24 Hind, a product of the Soviet Union’s robust military-industrial complex, has long been a fixture in global conflict zones. This menacing, heavily-armored helicopter, often referred to as the “flying tank,” presents a unique blend of attack capabilities and troop transport functions.

The Hind was first introduced into the Soviet Air Force in the 1970s and rapidly gained notoriety for its potent combination of firepower, speed, and ruggedness. Even in the post-Soviet era, the Mi-24 remains a valued asset in various military forces around the world, testifying to its enduring relevance in modern warfare.

Design and Capabilities: The Flying Tank

The Mi-24’s unique design is central to its enduring success. The helicopter is built to endure harsh conditions and continue operating despite sustaining damage. Its armored body can withstand small-arms fire, and the cockpit is encased in a bulletproof glass canopy, offering protection to the crew.