In a display of preparedness and resilience, Taiwan recently held extensive air raid drills simulating its response to potential missile attacks from China. The exercises took place in several cities across the island nation earlier this week, coinciding with the commencement of its annual military war games.

Lessons from Ukraine: Taiwan’s Comprehensive Approach to National Defense

Taiwan, a self-governing island, has been increasingly facing military and political pressure from China, which claims the island as part of its territory. In response to the escalating threats, Taiwan has been conducting regular defense drills, not only for its military but also for its civilian population.

Drawing from the lessons learned from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, where street-to-street warfare played a crucial role, Taiwan’s authorities have amplified their efforts to prepare citizens for potential emergencies. The drills seek to educate residents on evacuation procedures and equip them with the essential knowledge to minimize damage and casualties during a missile attack.