We are not talking about the US attacking ISIS fighters with drones. ISIS now claims they have their own weaponized drones that are capable of attacking their enemies. They even claim they have already attacked Iraqi troops with their drones by dropping IED’s on them.

ISIS recently has been bragging on social media that they possess an ‘air force’ and released a video which they claim shows proof of their drone attacking Iraqi forces.

ISIS has previously used drone photography in videos to capture aerial shots of battles, and they have also been using drone IEDs that have progressively gotten more advanced.

The video uses photography from another drone to show a weaponized drone flying toward its target, and cameras on the weaponized drone itself show the impact from dropping an IED on a group of people in a street. When vehicles start to respond to the scene, a suicide bomber in a car drives in and detonates in a follow-up attack. – PJ Media


Photo by YouTube video screenshot

So what do you think? Is this new ISIS ‘air force’ something to be concerned about or is it silly propaganda? Post your comments below or on the Fighter Sweep Facebook page. Lock and load your DroneGun!