Islamic State has released a propaganda video that appears to show five children, one of whom it identifies as British, murdering Kurdish prisoners.

The footage, released overnight on Friday, features five boys wearing military-type clothing and holding pistols, while standing in a row behind five men who are kneeling in orange jumpsuits.

Each of the children is captioned in the video with names that have been used by Isis before to denote a fighter’s country of origin. A white boy with blue eyes is labelled “Abu Abdullah al-Britani” (the Briton) but the identity of the child has not been verified.

A child captioned “Abu al-Bara al-Tunisi” (the Tunisian) addresses the men – apparently Kurdish fighters – promising more violence, according to the BBC.

The other children are said to be Abu Ishaq al-Masri (the Egyptian), Abu Fu’ad al-Kurdi (the Kurd) and Yusuf al-Uzbaki (the Uzbek). It is not known where the video was filmed.

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Image courtesy of AP