Tensions continue to rise between the governments of Israel and Iran after the mysterious deaths of an Iranian missile scientist and a senior military officer.

Ayoob Enterazi died under suspicious circumstances on May 31. He was a Ph.D. holder in aerospace engineering at Iran’s prestigious Sharif University of Technology in Tehran. Reports say that he worked in a research and development institute in the city of Yazd, where he allegedly worked on missiles and drones.

Circulating reports say that Entezari returned home from a dinner party with symptoms of food poisoning. He later died in the hospital. These reports also claim that the person who hosted the party has already fled Iran.

After his death, Iranian authorities handed over a letter of appreciation to Enterzari’s family wherein they referred to the scientist as a “martyr,” implying that he was killed. However, central city authorities from the city of Yazd soon backtracked, claiming that the letter was a mistake.

Iranian Missile Scientist Ayoub Anthzari found to be dead after being allegedly poisoned (Barak Ravid). Source: https://twitter.com/BarakRavid/status/1532979548173770752
Iranian Missile Scientist Ayoob Enterazi found to be dead (Barak Ravid/Twitter)

The judiciary in the Yazd said that Entezari was an “ordinary employee at an industrial company” who unfortunately suffered and died from an undisclosed illness in the hospital. They added that suspicions of the scientist being poisoned were only rumors spread by a relative “who wanted to be noticed.”

Local authorities from the city also said Entezari’s death is still being investigated.

“We have to wait for the relevant authorities to announce their view.” Provincial Head of the Communications Department Ali Salehi said.

One Mahmud Entezari, who claimed he was related to the scientist, said that Ayoob Entezari previously mentioned fearing being targeted by Israel after a photo of him alongside former President Hassan Rohani circulated in the news.