Israel will deploy its latest early missile warning system to Ukraine this May to support the latter’s fight against the ongoing Russian invasion. At the same time, Israel will have the opportunity to test its latest equipment further.

According to reports citing officials from both countries, Israel will send its latest civilian alert system to Kyiv, which Israel developed specifically for Ukraine. Following thorough testing, the system will cover millions of Ukrainian citizens in several more cities, protecting them against Russian strikes.

No Interception Capabilities

The system will only feature alerts and will not be linked to interception capabilities. It will be connected to the Ukrainian radar system, enabling faster and more accurate sending of warning signals to citizens’ mobile phones in Kyiv. It will also activate sound signals in areas with an actual missile strike threat. With this, people in that specific area will know ahead of time that an imminent threat is coming. They can immediately seek shelter or get to safe zones without causing panic in non-threatened areas.

Despite Ukraine’s appeal to include missile interceptor capabilities, Israel refused, in order to avoid provoking Russia, which has a strong influence over its regional rival, Syria.

Israel and Ukraine have maintained diplomatic relations and cooperated on various issues since the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, including trade and cultural exchange. Moreover, Israel has supported Ukraine in its conflict with Russia, providing political and humanitarian aid and weapons. Regardless, Israel has also sought to maintain good relations with Russia, a major player in the Middle East, to avoid causing tensions.