SOFREP has previously reported about Russia’s acquisition of Iranian ammunition as well as their deal with North Korea to acquire more weapons. There have been reports denying the Iranian deal, but new photos from the Ukrainian Armed Forces confirm Russia has been doing deals with Iran to support its frontlines.

A couple of hours ago, the Ukrainian Armed Forces reported that there’s a high probability that the Russian forces have used Iran’s loitering munition unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) HESA Shahed-136. Ukrainian military engineer named “Maxim,” said the photos show debris of the Shahed-136 in the vicinity of the recently liberated region, Kupyanks, Kharkiv Oblast.

“With a high degree of probability, we can say the Armed Forces of Ukraine have destroyed an Iranian UCAV near Kupiansk for the first time. Having studied the appearance of the drone’s wing elements, one can confidently state it is the first time the Ukrainian Army destroyed an Iranian UCAV. We are talking about the Shahed-136 long-range suicide drone,” the report states.

The Cyrillic inscription “M214 Gran-2” was also seen on the remains of the device, but the appearance, length, and overall structure are similar to Iran’s long-range attack kamikaze drones (Shahed-136). The Shahed-135 was developed to perform as a swarming drone with multiple instances of being launched during an attack.

The munition design was created to bypass aerial defenses and “overwhelm ground targets,” but it did not seem to work with the Ukrainians who were countering the Shahed with US-donated HIMARS.