In a tense standoff reminiscent of Cold War missile crises, Israel and its allies on Saturday night (April 13) successfully thwarted a massive Iranian missile and drone barrage, the largest ever faced by the Jewish state.

The surprise attack, launched around dusk, saw Iran unleash a torrent of over 300 projectiles toward Israel, including a mix of roughly 170 drones, 30 cruise missiles, and a staggering 120 ballistic missiles.

This unprecedented act of aggression sent shockwaves through the region and showcased both the growing Iranian missile arsenal and the remarkable effectiveness of Israel’s multi-layered missile defense system.

A Multi-Layered Defense Rises to the Challenge

According to Israeli and US officials, Israel’s Iron Dome system, the workhorse of its air defense, played a crucial role in intercepting short-range threats like drones and cruise missiles.

For medium-range threats, David’s Sling, a joint US-Israeli project, likely took center stage.

However, the true test came with the ballistic missiles, which can travel hundreds of miles and reach high altitudes.

Here, Israel’s Arrow 2 and 3 systems, developed in collaboration with the US, rose to the challenge.

Arrow 2 likely engaged ballistic missiles in their final approach, while Arrow 3, boasting hit-to-kill technology, potentially intercepted them even earlier in their flight path.