A new year brings continued construction on a future transient training brigade headquarters in the 1600 block of the cantonment area at Fort McCoy.

As of Jan. 2, contractor L.S. Black Constructors has one wall built on the new building, and workers continued work all around the grounds. Additionally, steel for framework has started to arrive and more and more infrastructure work from late December is visible throughout the project.

In a Dec. 21 update by Ken Green with the Army Corps of Engineers Program Office at Fort McCoy, he said that ongoing work includes footing and stem wall placement, and other work remains steady as construction completion rose to 9 percent.

The contract for the project, totaling $11,964,432.87, was awarded June 9, 2022, to L.S. Black Constructors to build the fiscal year 2022 Transient Training Brigade Headquarters project. Construction operations began in August 2022.