Another day, another chance to review whats new in products that matter to you.  Today I’m opening up a blade from Kershaw, the Rove.  It wasn’t too long ago I reviewed another Kershaw knife, the Westin.  I mention this because I can immediately spot a few similarities and given how highly I think of the Westin, that’s a good thing.

The first difference I spot between the two is the size.  The Rove has a beefier handle than the Westin, sure to be appreciated by those with bigger hands.  My mitts may not be incredibly long, but I have a very wide palm and really don’t like having a pinky dangle off an undersized handle.  The Rove isn’t massive, its sufficient.  That’s just the right place to be for an EDC blade.  The slabs on the sides of the handle are glass filled nylon.  They have a nice texture that provides a good gripping surface.

Kershaw Rove | First Impressions
The pocket clip gives great tension.

The speed-safe assisted opening is fantastic.  I cannot get this thing to open halfway.  If I slowly increase pressure on the flipper, the blade stays stationary until I’m pressing hard enough for the blade to swing out with authority and lock solidly in the open position.  While the blade’s opening motion is authoritative, it isn’t overpowered enough to cause the knife to torque out of your grip.  It is a great balance indeed.

The drop-point blade is 3.3″ long and made up of 8Cr13MoV stainless steel.  This type of stainless is well reputed for its edge retention and hardness.  My Westin with the same steel is still near factory sharp despite months of every day carry and use.

Kershaw Rove | First Impressions
The scales are comfortable and grippy. Photo by Rex Nanorum

I’ll be using this Kershaw Rove for some time before coming on back to let you all know how it holds up.

Stay tuned..