SOFREP encourages reader submissions for publication by us.  Today we bring you Heath Hansen’s review of “Concentration of Power” by Anders Corr.  Heath was with the 82nd Airborne and deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan. His writing style is as profane as it is funny.

No s***, there I was, balls deep inside your sister, when all of a sudden, the doorbell rang. I rolled up my d*** and opened the door, grabbing the package out of the delivery driver’s hand and ripping it open, hoping it was that midget porn I ordered a few days earlier. Instead, I was surprised to see it was my buddy, Anders Corr’s, newest book, The Concentration of Power: Institutionalization, Hierarchy & Hegemony. I told your sister to leave and started reading.

The Hegemon Is Easy To Spot.  He’s The One Holding The Whip

First off, stop pretending to know what “hegemony” means- go ahead, look it up. Never mind, I’ll tell you, it means “one group dominating another.” For all you sadomasochistic s***bags out there, I’ll break it down to the base level of stupid for you: the hegemon is the one doing the whipping.

This s*** goes back thousands of years to show examples and tell stories about why leaders and countries succeed and fail in retaining power. From Alexander the Great, Socrates, Plutarch, the Romans, Trump, and for all you leftists out there, your girl Elizabeth Warren (a.k.a. Fauxcohontos) has a cameo. Corr even mentions The Spartans – remember them? The Persian, Xerxes, told them to throw down their weapons. Their leader, King Leonidas, responded, “Come and take them, mother f*****!” (in the original Greek translation).

My boy, Anders, talks about how all organizations, from political, to corporate, to religious (and everything in between) use their followers as cogs to push their agenda. Power swings from right to left like a pendulum. When the dumb****** on one side reaches extreme levels of brain-deaded-ness, momentum begins to swing the other way. Rather than lose power, the ratchet just keeps it concentrating. That’s right, I said “ratchet,” just like that thing you call a girlfriend.

The 12 Step Program That Leaves You A Slave

There are 12 steps in the process of power concentration. For my Army brothers, especially those 82nd Airborne paratroopers wearing the AA on your uniforms pretending it doesn’t stand for “Alcoholics Anonymous,” this works really well for you. After making that “little mistake” that you had to plead down to “wet and reckless,” the judge made you start going to meetings. Now that you’re used to 12 steps, understanding these concepts shouldn’t be too hard for your high-and-tight-haircut-wrapped brain to grasp. But before there were power concentrations, monkeys were throwing poop and beating each other over the heads with rocks.

In the first part of the book, Anders goes into evolutionary history to explain why men pretend to be smarter than women. Essentially, through a highly complex and scientific process of measuring penis length and girth, men decided that two heads equate to more brainpower (even though they typically use the small head to make important decisions). Women, using their only head, tend to make smarter decisions, live longer, and die in less violent ways. Eventually, testicles dominated the hierarchies, and political ideologies arose, including a large group of dip-s**** with small d**** called ‘communists.’

If you didn’t want to be a good communist under the Khmer Rouge of Cambodia, this was the Opt-Out option.

Communism Fails By Design, Not By Accident

In the second part of the book, Anders describes why communism has always failed in the past and will continue to fail in the future. Inputs and outputs will never be equal. Expecting hard-workers to continue to produce at the same rate when they receive the same compensation as the lazy s***birds is a flawed system; incentivizing good work keeps production high. Every unit has an E-4 mafia; when work details are passed down, those dudes VANISH, just like the hard workers in communism. The communist leadership (1-2% of the population) live well-fed, lavish lifestyles; while the general population scrapes by at the poverty level. Many left-wing scholars blame the failure of the USSR and the death of tens of millions under Mao on capitalist influence. Well, my answer to that is, “Tens of millions have never died of famine in the United States, so, what does that tell you about communism?” (mic drop).