I’ve tried most of the more elaborate table top sharpening systems, but always find myself going back to a good ole simple sharpening stone. For a while I have been using the credit card sharpening stone by Dia-Sharp. I’ve owned the Lansky Sharpening puck for a while too, but I rarely took it out of the tool box…until recently. The Lansky Sharpening Puck is meant to be used on axe heads, machete’s and other larger tools, but I have found it quite nice to use on my knives.

The puck is a dual grit puck. One side is a fine grit and the flip side is a coarser grit depending on how bad off your edge is. I generally find myself using the fine grit side for 99% of my honing. The puck is easy to hold in the hand while sharpening your knife using a small circular motion.

Knife Sharpening Tools | The Lansky Puck
Dual Grit Sharpening Puck

The sharpening puck by Lansky is compact and lightweight, making it ideal for your go-bag. When it comes to your go-bag, tool maintenance is an important aspect to keep in the back of your mind. You need to be able to maintain your tools and weapons in the field. The Lanksy Sharpening Puck answers that call for all your edged tools and weapons.

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