A man with a knife climbed over the wall of a kindergarten in China and attacked 11 students, according to Chinese state media.

No children sustained life-threatening injuries, according to police.

The attack happened in the southwestern city of Pingxiang in the province of Guangxi.

A 41-year-old suspect has been caught, but his motives remain unclear, state media reported.

Knife attacks at schools in China are common. Last year, a man in the southern province of Hainan stabbed 10 children before killing himself, authorities said.

And another man killed three students at a school in 2014 before jumping off a building.

But perhaps the worst spate of stabbings occurred in 2010, which included a period of three consecutive days in which attackers targeted schools. China’s Ministry of Education responded to those events by ordering schools to beef up security and bar strangers from going on campuses.

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