When I first entered the Marine Corps there was no handheld GPS to tell me where I was at and how to get to my destination. We had to learn how to use a compass and protractor with our maps. Land Navigation courses were taught with the old school military issue Lensatic compasses and a map whether it was day time or night-time. The use of a compass is a perishable skill, much like shooting. It requires practice. Nowadays we have wrist mounted GPS units, handheld units and our smart phones that provide us with navigational aids. But what if the batteries run out or your GPS device gets submerged and shorts out. Now what? How do you get back home? Do you have a backup method of navigation?

Since being out of the military I’ve continued to carry and utilize a compass. The compass I have chosen to use is the K&R M1 Sport Compass. This is a simple sighting compass with some cool upgraded features that make it superior over several other compasses on the market.

There are really two features (in my honest option) that make this compass superior.

The sighting mirror on the M1 Sport is NOT made from a breakable glass like many others. The sighting mirror on this compass is made from unbreakable polished aluminum. No worries If you drop your compass or accidentally step on it; you’re sighting mirror will be good to go.