The Lee-Enfield rifle served the British Empire in its last days from the fields of Europe to the jungles on Asia and all point in between. The classic rifle chambered .303 British came in many shapes and sizes from the SMLE pattern which was used designed before World War One to the Ishapore Model 2A that was produced in 1962 in 7.62×51 mm NATO. In total more than 16 million Lee-Enfield pattern rifles have been produced in over seven decades. It’s a simple design that set the standard for bolt-action military rifles for most of the 20th century. Its longevity, durability and the fact it’s a favorite of military surplus collectors is why we chose to feature it. This installment will showcase a variant of the model most commonly used by British and Canadian troops in World War Two, The Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk II bolt-action service rifle. It’s been in service for over 100 years and still serves in combat today around the globe.

The Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk II was essentially a designed that evolved from the Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk I. The new improved design feature some changes over that enhanced its stability while shaving productions times and saving resources. These improvements allowed England to produce large quantities of rifles to arm its colonies and allies. Just because the war with Germany and Japan was over didn’t mean the end to conflict around the globe. In the years after World War Two the Lee-Enfield No.4 MkII would see action in the Suez Canal Crisis, the Israeli War for Independence as well as civil wars in several of the former British Empire Colonies and recently liberated countries on all continents.

Image:Rick Dembroski You can see the short-range rear sight in this picture


The Rifle

Now that we have a little history on the rifle and its beginnings let’s take a look at the specifications, and the build quality of these historic rifles. Handling this rifle is like holding a piece of history, a piece of history that played an important part in the founding and defending of many nations since the late 1940’s.

Name: Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk II

Caliber: .303 British

  • Average load: 174 Grain Full Metal Jacket
  • 2500 Feet per second
  • 2408 Ft lbs of energy at muzzle

Length: 44.45 “